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Pump Repairs & Servicing

At Country Water Services, we are committed to providing top-notch water pump repairs in Australia. It doesn’t matter the kind of fluid or the kind of water pumps you use, we’ve got you covered. Our talented technicians have

Maximizing Your Water Pump’s Performance

Our team’s main focus is always to increase the performance of your water pump during every repair and service job. The team focuses on the following key areas to achieve the optimum performance level for your water pumps: excessive wear ring clearances, internal recirculation, accelerated bearing wear, and packing/mechanical seal failure. The goal is to increase the interval time between each service and cut your energy costs.

Minimizing Water Pump’s Downtime

We work at your convenience to ensure that the water pump is off for a very short and pre-arranged time to not impact your important work and business. Our service fleet and service centre are equipped with everything to make sure work is swift and effective. The goal is to ensure the minimum downtime for the pump during the repair.

Reducing the Life-cycle Costs for Your Water Pumps

In most cases, the capital expense of buying a pump is small when compared to the costs of operating and maintaining it throughout its lifecycle. With the Country Water Services repairs, we work with you to keep the operational costs down with the right advice from day one.

What kind of pumps do we repair?

We repair all types and kinds of water pumps ranging from  20L/minute pond pump up to a 1500L/min bore pump. We do repairs either at our workshop or through our mobile workshops that repair your pumps on-site.

In-depth Assessment of Water Pumps for Service Repairs

All projects begin with a full and technical assessment of the water pump and equipment. This includes a full analysis of the working of the equipment and functionality tests. These assessments determine whether we can repair the unit or you will have to replace it with a new one.

Our Testing Process

We have a working set up to test the pump in our testing center. We are one of the only companies in the South-West that actually conduct testing to determine where the fault lies. We check for water pressure, volume, and electrical capabilities, and then these are compared to the company standards to see where your Water pump is lagging. This wet testing allies us to make sure that when we do a repair and install the pump, it will last long.

If you are in need of a new pump, we always stock a handful of the best water pumps from leading companies like Davey, Grundfos, Franklin, Lowra, Lorentz, and Totalflow. We make sure that we tell you exactly when you need a new pump to get up and running.